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Fighting Education Corruption

Funding for education, and educational programs has never been at a higher level, yet we still see an eductional system in it's death throes. One area of focus that rarely gets exposed is how much of the hundreds of billions of budgeted dollars actually reaches the class room.

From California to New York, our school systems are collapsing, terminally undermined by corrupt officials siphoning off vast amounts of money. The Counter Corruption Network will show you how and where corruption can strike, and how you can fight back.

Center for Public Integrity
Congressmen Call for Probe of Fraud-Plagued Phone Fund for Schools, Libraries
"WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A $2.25 billion federal program that helps schools and libraries connect to the Internet is honeycombed with fraud and financial shenanigans, but the government officials in charge said they don't have the resources to fix it."

Take Action
Counter Corruption Network is currently research ways for you to take action to help fight corruption in your schools.