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Exposing Corruption in our Society

The Counter Corruption Network strives to help you the public, by exposing corruption in all it's forms. Knowledge is power, and knowledge can protect you from the corruption that runs rampant in many sections of our society. Corrupt and unethical companies, universities, and individuals thrive in the darkness of public ignorance and apathy. Take back the power, educate yourself with information on how corruption can be exposed, and excised. Let us show you how to take back our government, our cities, and our schools.

Predatory Lending

The Better Business Bureau describes predatory lending as, "a set of lending practices that takes unfair advantage of consumers. Consumers end up taking out loans that they cannot afford, have deceptive or unclear terms in them, or which cost more than necessary and may ultimately lead to the loss of one's home."
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100 Billion Dollars and Counting...

The Educational system in our country is collapsing. There are hundreds of different theories on how to fix it, but not one addresses the underlying fundamental problem. There's a gaping wound in the underbelly of the education system called corruption. Vast amounts of money are being siphoned away from children, teachers, and classrooms all across the country. We at the Counter Corruption Network believe that students are defrauded of essential funds in excess of 100 billion dollars every year. Why hasn't this been exposed to the general public?
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